Can a phone number count as a tech tip?

For the last month I’ve been using Google’s new 411 service from my cell phone when I’m looking for local phone numbers or addresses. It took a couple calls to get used to the voice-recognition interface, but I use it all the time now. Google’s search results have been surprisingly good at finding me what I need when I’m driving around.

Call 1-800-GOOG-411. (That’s 1-800-4664-411). Say where you are and what you’re looking for. If you are calling from a cell phone with text messaging, just say “text message” or “map it” and the system immediately sends you a text message with phone number, address and an optional map link.

For more details, check out the GOOG-411 site:

Source: I first discovered this new Google service in a post on the fascinating Techcrunch blog. Ironically, it seems we can’t get away from plugging a client. After I started writing up this week’s newsletter, I was told that our client, Creature Advertising, is responsible for Google’s first-ever billboard advertising campaign promoting this new phone service.