PemcoPonytail-Metro.jpgThis week in Seattle watch for Metro busses carrying a new “Northwest Profiles” campaign for PEMCO Insurance. We mention this for three reasons:

#1: PEMCO Insurance is our client. We’ve supported their Mac-based in-house design department for years.

#2: The Seattle ad agency DNA Brand Mechanics, who helped create this new campaign, is also one of our long-standing clients.

#3: That’s our own hardware-guru Jasson Lewellen, proudly portrayed in Northwest Profile 12, as the “Ponytailed Software Geek

You can see more of Jasson by visiting PEMCO’s We’re A Lot Like You website and clicking on his profile.

Other Ponytailed Software Geek Sightings!

Turns out our Jasson has become quite the celebrity around town. Here are some of the mentions we’ve run into around town and the web.


Seattle PI: Ponytailed Software Geek, you’re no NW icon

Todd Bishop argues that Jasson looks a little like Jonathan Schwartz, the president and chief executive of Santa Clara, California-based Sun Microsystems. A competitor to Microsoft and therefore out of place in an ad appealing to people in the Seattle area, home to tens of thousands of Microsoft employees and their families.

Seattle PI: VIPs, meet “Ponytailed Software Geek”

Includes the following picture of a Pemco trading card, with the caption “Ponytailed Software Geek” jams to the “Star Trek” theme.”


Flickr: I am not a ponytailed software geek, I just look like one


Finally, looks like Jasson has his own line of T-Shirts now too!


Link: Ponytailed Software Geek Shirt

Source: This tip inspired a rare case of truth-in-advertising. We should also mention that one of Jasson’s photoshoots took place at Pravda Studios — yet another Creativetechs client!