We love cheatsheets. Those handy quick-reference guides that keep all sorts of vital information right at your fingertips.

In fact, we’re dedicating one issue each month to provide a growing collection of creative and technical cheatsheets.

Photoshop Lasso Cheatsheet.pdf

This month’s creative cheatsheet covers the Photoshop Lasso tool. We’ve distilled the basic functions of this widely used tool into a concise format that fits on a standard 3×5 index card.

Coming Up: The Ultimate Photoshop CS3 Cheatsheet Collection.

The cheatsheets for individual tools should be useful — but the cool part is when all the cards are collected into a single flip guide. That puts cheatsheets for every Photoshop tool and feature right at your finger tips.

Creativetechs’ production guru, Jason Hoppe, teachs several popular Photoshop and InDesign evening classes each quarter at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts. Over the next several months we are creating a whole collection of 3×5 Photoshop cheatsheets based on those classes.

We’ve been playing with some early prototypes, and we’re pretty enthused. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more free PDF downloads — we’ve got a new set of creative and technical cheatsheets coming every month.

Source: These index-card cheatsheets are partially inspired by the Hipster PDA, popularized by 43 Folders. Our first round of creative cheatsheets are drawn from Jason Hoppe’s popular Photoshop courses taught at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts each quarter. For details check out SVC’s Summer Schedule.