Few experiences are more frustrating than digging through old notebooks trying to track down the correct settings for your DSL router. Especially when the rest of your studio is up in arms about Internet and email being down.

Which brings us to this month’s technical cheatsheet:

Router Settings Cheatsheet.pdf

We often find ourselves fixing problem Internet connections or poorly performing networks. Rarely do clients have all their important network settings organized in one place.

This cheatsheet prompts you to track down and organize crucial network details on a single 3×5 card. Take a moment now to fill this out before you need it (or ask your current tech support to fill it out for you).

Make several copies. For many clients, we recommend taping a copy to the bottom of your router. When problems occur, you’ll be glad you did.

Source: This is the first in a series of cheatsheets designed to help document and organize the crucial IT details in a typical creative studio.