In 2007, several countries change the dates on which they observe Daylight Saving Time (DST). In the United States, all states except Arizona and Hawaii will begin observing Daylight Saving Time on March 11. Your computer may need to be updated to adjust for these changes. Apple has released updates to fix this problem. If you’re […]

What’s the fastest way to straighten a crooked or tilted photograph? This is one of those classic bread-and-butter Photoshop tips that sometimes slips through even the most experienced designer’s bag of tricks. Select the tape measure tool (it shares space with the eyedropper in Photoshop’s toolbox) and drag a line across part of your image […]

In Office 2007 Microsoft introduced a new file format called the Microsoft Open Office XML Format (.docx). This format is not compatible with older versions of Microsoft Word. The Mac version (Office 2008) isn’t expected to ship until the second half of 2007. So far this month, several clients have called to ask how to […]

Creativetechs would like to welcome the newest member of our growing support team: Jason Hoppe.

You’ve recieve a Stuffit archive (.sit) that contains crucial files for your project. But when you expand that archive, Stuffit Expander ends up giving you an apparently empty folder, or only shows a couple of your needed files. This is one of those problems we get a lot of calls about from frustrated designers. Certainly […]

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