What’s the fastest way to straighten a crooked or tilted photograph? This is one of those classic bread-and-butter Photoshop tips that sometimes slips through even the most experienced designer’s bag of tricks.

Select the tape measure tool (it shares space with the eyedropper in Photoshop’s toolbox) and drag a line across part of your image that should be straight horizontal or vertical. Then choose Image > Rotate Canvas > Arbitrary.

Photoshop auto-calculates the value required to straighten your image. Click OK and your image is all squared up.

The auto-calcuation is the fun part we think makes this tip-worthy. This feature has been around since Photoshop 5.5, but it still gets a “wow” from designers who never realized it was there.

Source: This tip comes from the Intro to Photoshop class that Jason Hoppe teaches each quarter at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts. For those that missed it last week, Jason Hoppe is the newest member of the Creativetechs’ support team.