At the beginning of each year we like to take a moment to discuss the topic of studio backup. Use this checklist as a comparision for your own studio’s backup strategy. Happy New Year! May all your data be safe in 2007.

At Creativetechs one of our highest priorities is developing and maintaining safe, stable backup systems for creative teams. As a service for Seattle-area creative teams, we are offering a complimentary 1-hour personalized backup strategy session with Creativetechs’ lead consultant Craig Swanson. We’ve set aside 4 days in January, and have 16 9 open slots. If […]

From all of us here at Creativetechs we wish you a safe and warm holiday season. And a prosperous new year. For anyone looking for one last paper-folding project in 2006, we invite you to pull out an old box of business cards and visit HXA7241 for a step-by-step recipe to create your own business […]

From Digg: Photographer Chase Jarvis shares a rare look into a high-end photo studio’s backup protocol. This post is directed at photographers, videographers, or creative studios and is NOT for the weak of heart. He outlines a robust solution that protects a huge amount of data. (Chase shot 35,000 pictures for one job last month.) […]

Over the weekend we ran the Photoshop CS3 beta through a series of speed benchmarks. The initial results have been encouraging. Overall we are seeing speed increases of 40% to 55% in most Photoshop features compared to Photoshop CS2 on the same Mac Pro system.

We don’t normally discuss beta software in this tips newsletter. However we’re making an exception here. Last Friday, Adobe released a downloadable beta of Photoshop CS3.

Garbled fonts in Entourage. Corrupt fonts in Safari. Weird symbol fonts in Apple Mail. How frustrating! Click on any of jumbled font examples that you might be experiencing. We’ve documented a fix for each font problem on a separate post in our troubleshooting blog.

This post includes a fix for one source of garbled fonts in Mac OS X. For other fixes check out our special Garbled Fonts Troubleshooting Guide. The Problem: Safari, Entourage or other applications show unfamiliar characters overlapping each other. If you’re seeing garbled text similar to our example above, it is most likely caused by […]

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