We don’t normally discuss beta software in this tips newsletter. However we’re making an exception here. Last Friday, Adobe released a downloadable beta of Photoshop CS3.

We don’t recommend installing this beta in any live work environments because it is possible some elements of the CS3 installer could alter your existing CS2 workflow. Nor do we recommend using the Photoshop CS3 beta for any current projects.

A lot of photographers and designers have been asking us about Photoshop CS3 as they debate purchasing Apple’s new Intel-based Mac Pros. We spent many hours this weekend putting this latest Photoshop beta through a series of benchmark tests.

Our initial speed benchmarks show that Photoshop CS3 can be almost twice as fast on an Intel-base Mac Pro when compared to CS2 on that same machine.

Source: We’d like to give a special thanks to Business Consultant Aaron Peabody at the University Village Apple Store who met Creativetechs’ Craig Swanson early Sunday morning to finish additional speed benchmarks on a new 3GHz Mac Pro.