Friday July 28th is System Administrator Appreciation Day. In honor of our fellow left-brain professionals, we’ve put together a couple tips that may be helpful to those of us tasked with the challenging job of keeping creative teams stable, happy and productive. First up: A Mac Maintenance Checklist. This is something we’ve been playing with […]

When you need to capture an image of a long website design, don’t spend your billable hours stiching together multiple screenshots. Mac-based designers should download a free copy of Paparazzi instead. In Paparazzi, simply enter the URL and click Capture. Your web page loads in a small preview window. You can save the resulting image […]

Microsoft’s Exchange Server has become an industry standard for providing shared calendars, shared contacts, and centralized email across an organization. An Exchange Server can be a great choice for teams that already have a solid Windows-based infrastructure in place. But what if you run a Mac-based studio? That’s a question we get asked a lot. […]

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