When you need to capture an image of a long website design, don’t spend your billable hours stiching together multiple screenshots.

Mac-based designers should download a free copy of Paparazzi instead.

In Paparazzi, simply enter the URL and click Capture. Your web page loads in a small preview window. You can save the resulting image in a file format of your choice.

Tip: Use Paparazzi to preview what a site will look like at different resolution. Change the Crop Size pop-up to one of the presets (640×480, 800×600, 1024×768), or enter your own dimensions. You’ll get a sense for how well the site design works with different size displays.

Source: Paparazzi was recently featured on the great Mac OS X Hints website. Interested web designers might also want to dig back through the Creativetechs tips archive for Issue #60: Test your websites on a variety of browsers (scroll down to tip two).