We like to take a break from our technical focus during long 3-day weekends. This Monday take a break from your computer. Download a free PDF template from Corbis, and build a working 35mm pinhole camera. Perfect for sunny spring days.

Pinhole Camera: Peyote.

Pinhole Camera: Photos of Your Mother.

Pinhole Camera: Dr. Livingstone.

Pinhole Camera: World Pinhole Camera Day Camera.

Pinhole Camera: Pablo.

Pinhole Camera: Astrocam. (available soon)

Pick a design, pull out an old X-acto blade, and dust off your old paste-up skills. Follow the instructions and enjoy!


Source: Long-time readers know we have a fondness for papercraft. Last year we linked to a similar classic paper pinhole Dirkon camera. Some past papercraft tips include templates to fold your own Mac, fold your own iPhone, and fun Letterfu folding templates.

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