How To: Hide Your Precise Location from Apps You Don’t Trust.

Don’t Trust = Shouldn’t Trust… Potayto = Potahto.

Most of the time, having your iPhone know precisely where you are is good. You want Maps to tell you exactly when to turn, not after you’ve passed an intersection. But too many apps abuse their users’ privacy. We strongly encourage you to stop using such apps entirely, but we acknowledge that it can be hard to give up apps that seem necessary for modern life. Barring that, you could prevent such apps from seeing your location at all, but even that isn’t always feasible. Since iOS 14, Apple has provided another compromise—you can prevent an app from seeing your precise location while still giving it your approximate whereabouts. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, scroll down and tap the app in question, and disable Precise Location.



Hat tip on this one to my wife who alerted me that when I posted a pic recently of our pizza oven on Instagram, it shared the EXACT location of our backyard. I’m ok with you knowing it, but maybe not the whole world. (BTW if you want to see posts of our garden and pizza and wine and a very occasional shot of a pretty cute kid I’m @therealteadawg on instagram)

(Photo by Ryan Wilson on Unsplash with Location icons created by Freepik – Flaticon

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