Before we even get started—if you want to cut to the chase—you can go here and check out the latest version of Connect Fonts from Extensis

Ok, let’s just ask the questions…

Whether your business is small or large, the only constant is change. As the scope of your
creative projects evolves, you may encounter growing pains or even find that the small
inconveniences have transformed into full-blown blockers. For many creative teams, effective
font management can make all the difference. To help determine if this is the case for you,
we’ve created the following checklist.

You can just track these answers on your fingers as you read along (Or watch the video if that’s more your style)

Let’s talk about your workflow. Wiggle a digit for each one that rings true for you.

  • My team works together on projects.
  • My team struggles to keep font collections in sync.
  • We have problems moving fonts across networks. (Or working outside the office)
  • We have more than 300 fonts in our font collection
  • We use a Publishing Workflow. If you don’t know what this is, don’t wiggle a digit 😉
  • Our reputation, relationships, or overhead suffers if the wrong font is used in production.
  • I don’t know the source of our team’s font collection
  • We need help enforcing our copyright and licensing procedures.
  • We have been sued due to font licensing issues.
  • We need to regularly backup our font collection
  • We need reliable servers with backup operational services.

Did you use all your fingers?

Ok, well, the real question is did you use 5 or more fingers on this one? If you did, then the answer is you need a font management system. These days we usually recommend Extensis Suitcase. And there are a few different flavors that we recommend, depending on the needs of your group. So do me one last favor. Click the button below and grab some time on my calendar and we’ll have a quick chat about your needs, pick the right solution, and make a plan to implement it..

Feature Photo by Matt Atherton on Unsplash

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