By optimizing your website for the Google Knowledge Panel, you can reinforce your business’s good reputation and improve the likelihood of customer conversions.

Google Searches

Google searches are the bread and butter of modern marketing. As the world’s most widely used search engine, Google provides access to billions of potential customers. Thus no company can afford not to have its content perform well in searches on the site. To better match businesses with prospective clients, Google has released the Knowledge Panel, an essential resource for any marketing effort:

Panel Profile

The Knowledge Panel is a window that appears next to search results on Google. It summarizes key information from the top pages, quickly teaching users all they need to know. For searches that relate closely to a particular company, the panel provides a description of that firm, including its address, its phone number, its hours of operation, and its rating from Google reviews.

The Knowledge Panel is not limited to describing individual companies. If a user searches for a more general company description— say “Ethiopian restaurants in {city}”— the panel will bring up a list of three companies that fit that description. This list does not provide as many details about each company, but still gives customers a powerful first impression of them.

Producing For The Panel

Whether your business gets a Knowledge Panel for a particular search depends on a variety of characteristics. Many of these, such as location, are not things you can control directly. Nonetheless, you can increase the number of searches that give you a panel by:

  • Providing A Photo– Upload a profile picture for your page that represents your company, is not a logo, and is at least 250 by 250 pixels in size. A proper photo will improve your algorithm for the Panel.
  • Request Reviews– Encourage your customers to review your company on Google and give you a rating, as this affects the algorithm.
  • Deliver Data– Give Google as much information about your business as possible, and make sure it is all accurate.

Though these tips help you get a Knowledge Panel, the most important thing you can do is to offer your customers quality service. The better and more enthusiastically customers review your company, the more likely you are to appear in the panel.

Acute Advantages

Appearing on a Knowledge Panel offers a wide variety of benefits for your business, allowing you to:

  • Take Advantage Of Timing– Customers who are in a hurry don’t have time to click on and read each search result. They are thus overwhelmingly more likely to contact or visit a company that appears in the panel.
  • Motivate Memories– Even if customers don’t convert immediately upon seeing your panel, they are more likely to remember your business and thus switch in the future.
  • Reinforce Your Reputation– If past customers consistently rate your business well, this will be reflected in the panel, ensuring that future customers will immediately know how you have served their predecessors.

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