Why Software Updates Need Your Attention

If software updates are the bane of your existence, then perhaps it’s time to rethink how you see them. Find out more about why they need your attention, and how they just might save your business.  

Cyber Criminals

Software updates seem to pop up at the worst times, bugging you to pay attention to them when you’re right in the middle of something. Most people have no idea what’s behind them or the urgency of installing them, making it easy to hit the Remind Me Tomorrow button. But you really can’t delay. Here’s why updates (called patches in the IT world) can’t be pushed to the back burner.

The Threat Is Real

Hacking is in the news every week because companies aren’t taking the necessary precautions to protect themselves. And it’s not just for mega-stores like Target either. Almost half of every cyber attack in 2015 was on business with less than 250 workers. These cases often don’t make the news because they fly under the radar — 60% of small firms that are hacked go out of business. While it’s true that even companies like Apple can be infiltrated, many of these attacks are preventable.

What’s the Problem?

Machines are made by people, and so are the codes that dictate what a machine does. There are often vulnerabilities in both your software and hardware that you would never know about until it’s too late. Updates to the software are attempts to work out these bugs and ensure that your valuable information isn’t breached by an opportunistic thief. Many of these threats aren’t exposed until a hacker starts experimenting with different ways to breach the system, so it will always be an ongoing process. Vendors refer to them as patches, and you can think about these updates as a way to plug any holes that may have existed in the programs you’re using.

Handy Tips

Well, one thing is for certain is you can’t ignore the alerts you get concerning your updates. Getting the most out of these patches may mean asking more questions. It also may mean going more modern machinery, considering hackers will exploit wherever and whenever they can. Often the older machines can’t handle the updates or were never designed to be updated in the first place. You’ll need to know exactly who’s sending you patches and who services your machinery. This includes your OS, browsers, business software and any in particular payment systems. The cash registers, terminals and tills need to have the maximum security possible and generally need top priority. Ensure that you understand how, when and where you’re notified about these patches, and always install them as quickly as possible.

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