Technology advances show no sign of slowing down. 2017 will be no different and we have highlighted some of the top trends you can expect this coming year.

Technology has started to become an aspect of life for many people. It is a part of almost everything that we do on a daily basis. Every year there are new advances in technology that integrate even more into our lives. 2017 will be no different. These are the top strategic technology trends you can expect this new year and something to keep an eye on in your industry.

Technology Trends 2017

  • Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Machine Learning. Artificial intelligence and machine learning incorporates many things such as deep learning and other advances systems that can understand, learn, adapt, and predict behavior. While some of these things may be very expensive to integrate into your business, you can consider using a form of it to predict customer behavior to benefits them as well as you. For example, you can use it as a way to predict what a customer will buy by taking a look at what they are already purchasing. Kroger in the US or Woolworths in Australia plus other big grocery store chains are already doing this and using it as a way to provide coupons for frequently bought items and suggesting items to add to their virtual grocery list.
  • Intelligent Apps. Intelligent apps come in many shapes and sizes but most often you find them in the form of virtual assistants. Even if you do not want to be in the business of making your business like a virtual assistant, you may want to consider teaming up with a company that does and integrating with them. This will not only allow your services to be used more easily but you will likely get more customers as a result. Intelligent apps are not just limited to virtual assistants anymore, though. The technology is becoming more and more advanced. In the next few years, more companies will use this type of technology to create better user interfaces on their apps and make the experience more enjoyable by making it more customized.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality. Everywhere you look, there is a new virtual reality device or an augmented reality app. For example, just a few months ago, Pokemon Go took the world by storm and there are many new devices being sold for the holidays this year. Companies are using it as a way to train employees and the military is even using it as a way to train for combat. It changes the way that people interact with each other and there is likely a way you can integrate this in your own business if you get creative. It is becoming a more affordable type of technology so it is something to consider integrating this year. The technology will only get better and better and it will be interesting to see what happens in the next year.

This year, you may even want to integrate some of these trends into your IT planning so you can stay ahead of the technology trends in your industry. There are new technologies coming out every year and 2017 is set to be a very positive year. For more information on these trends and more in {city}, be sure to contact {company} by calling them at {phone} or by emailing them at {email}.