Adobe just unleashed a new product on the world. It looks very promising, but it is also a major workflow change. Something not every one is ready to do on a deadline.


Unfortunately, when you click that update button in Creative Cloud – your Acrobat Pro XI app is uninstalled and replaced with the new Acrobat DC. And worse, Acrobat Pro XI isn’t even available in your Creative Cloud App for re-download.

There is a work around. First, use the Creative Cloud app to uninstall Acrobat DC. (Click the gear next to Acrobat DC)


Next, go to this page on the adobe site. 

Now scroll down and on the left hand side change the new this version drop down menu to say Acrobat XI.

Finally, at the top of the page you will see a Download Acrobat XI button. Click it and you’ll be back in business.

Sadly, if you are a power user with plug ins such as Pitstop, you’ll need to re-install those as well.