Here are a few of our favorite tips, in no particular order, for optimizing and using iOS 7.


1. Reduce Motion.

It doesn’t look as cool, but it makes the interface feel even a bit quicker. Best of all, it doesn’t make you dizzy. Settings / General / Accessibility / Reduce Motion.


2. Larger Type / Bold Type.

Many people have complained that its a bit more difficult to read with the narrow typeface. Did you know you can make it all larger? Or even just make it bold. Super handy for when you are looking at your phone on the go. Settings / General / Accessibility / Larger Type.  Then you can adjust the slider to decide just how much larger you want it. Feel like that isn’t quite enough? Bold Type is right there too. Settings / General / Accessibility / Bold Type.

Note Bold Type setting requires a restart to take effect.

3.Disable Background App Refresh.

I prefer to decide for myself which apps refresh in the background and which ones I can wait for when I open the app. Settings / General / Background App Refresh.


4. Disable Bluetooth.

If you prefer earbuds, or aren’t in the car where you automagically sync to bluetooth turn it off. You can get there quickest by hitting the Bluetooth toggle in control center. (Swipe up from the bottom of the home screen or on the lock screen.


5. Disable Wi-Fi when not in use.

Control panel also has a Wi-Fi toggle.


6. Change Siri’s Voice.

Did you know she can be a he? Settings / General / Siri / Voice Gender


7. Use Siri and Find Friends.

If you use Find Friends, you can ask Siri where your friends are. Great for locating pick up points for carpool, or tracking the tailgate at the Seahawks Game.


8. Location Services.

Ever wonder what apps use your location info? Want to limit it? My guess is there are a lot of apps in there that don’t NEED to know where you are. Settings / Privacy / Locations Services.


9. App Updates.

iOS 7 can now update your apps for you automagically when you are on a Wi-Fi network. You can leave this on, or you don’t like things changing without your knowledge, turn it off and update when you want. Settings / iTunes & App Store / Automatic Downloads. You can control new purchases of Music and Apps and Updates individually with the toggle. You can also decide if it should happen in Cellular network or only on Wi-Fi.


10. Do Not Track.

I know our audience likes to track, just doesn’t want to be tracked. Do Not Track controls are in two places. Settings / Privacy / Advertising and Settings / Safari / Privacy & Security.


11. Flashlight.

It’s the one tool from the control panel I use most. I can’t tell you how many times I need a little more light in a server closet. I’m sure you have your own uses. Swipe up to get the Control Center. Its the Flashlight in the lower left corner.


12. Calculator.

Having a hard time figuring out the tip after happy hour? Two options here. The calculator is in the control center. Or, you can ask Siri. Either give her the Math question, or ask her the question. “How much should I tip on $35” And she’ll bring you results from Wolfram Alpha.


13. Search. 

Just swipe down from any home screen. Now I really don’t have to organize my apps.


14. iCloud Keychain.

Yes please. Now you don’t have to remember all those browser passwords you keep on your Mac. Also makes setting a passcode on your device extra important. Settings / iCloud / Keychain. Settings / General / Touch ID and Passcode.


15. Quit Apps. 

Tap the home button twice. Swipe to the app you want to quit and swipe it up, up and away to quit.


16. Using Siri in Text and Emails. 

Do Not Text or Email while driving. But, when you need to type a message and its difficult to type, you can tap the microphone button on the keyboard, left of the space bar, and talk into your message. This is a great time saver, although it often generates odd responses from team members when I hit send before reading how I was interpreted by Siri.