Tomorrow we’re trying something fun: an all-day online Photoshop Marathon. We’ll be rerunning recordings of Jason Hoppe’s full 10-Week Photoshop Course from earlier this year, with a couple live Q&A to keep things interesting. Three Ways To Watch: Method 1- GoToWebinar: Method 2- TweetChat: Method 3-

Every Flash project is different. Once you’ve covered the basics of moving around Flash, there is still so much more to learn. So, in the spirit of Retouch Tuesday we bring you our latest experiment in challenge-the-instructor-training: Finish My FLAH. We’re asking you to send in your real-life Flash documents and concepts. If we find […]

Today’s Illustrator webinar was quite an adventure! Ten minutes before the start of class, our Internet connection suddenly dropped (apparently because of a nearby maintenance crew). Luckily we managed to switch over to our slower emergency connection without too much chaos. Of all days, today was the day that we received a slew of new […]

At first glance, this tip may seem a little frivolous. Creating word-search puzzles isn’t a skill that is in high demand. Yet as we dig below the surface, this project is a great demonstration of InDesign’s ability to place Excel spreadsheets as a table. Which can be pretty handy for many types of information-heavy design […]

Digital photography fans can download the free monthly issues of PhotographyBB e-magazine in PDF format. Link: PhotographyBB Online Magazine PhotographyBB is a free online magazine composed by a hardworking team of volunteer contributing authors whose goal is to teach beginners all about digital photography and image processing. The June 2009 edition features articles on photography […]

The hardcover edition of Chris Anderson’s new book, FREE, ships tomorrow, July 9th. You can buy it in bookstores or download free digital editions that the publisher is releasing on the same day. Normally, I would write about this after we have links for all the downloads. However, many of the free editions will only […]

I’m delighted to announce a new 4-week Digital Photography Course starting in two week! This special course is taught by photographer John Greengo from the PBS series Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge. This 8 minute video gives you a great overview of not only the content, but the style in which John teaches. Want […]

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