I thought a class on objects and guides would be one of our duller topics, but this turned into one of my favorite classes so far. The live webinar classes are open to everyone worldwide (up to our 1,000 limit). We sell online downloads of past classes for a small fee. Here are purchase links […]

The live webinar classes are open to everyone worldwide (up to our 1,000 limit). We sell the downloads afterwards for a small fee. Here are purchase links for the individual classes, or for a pre-purchase of the full 10-week course, including a bonus “Moving Faster in InDesign” recording. Purchase: Full 10-Week InDesign Course ($50 Limited-Time […]

Finally, we’ve got a free, 10-week Flash Course starting in July. This class will be taught by Erik Fadiman. Erik is faculty at Seattle Central Community College Graphic Design and now teaches at our Seattle-area training partner, Luminous Works. Want to enroll? Sign-up here: Flash CS4 Course Enrollment. Note: Providing these free training courses requires […]

This June, after many requests, we are delighted to offer a free, 10-week, worldwide, Illustrator course. This class will be taught by Steve Laskevitch, founder and lead instructor at Seattle’s Luminous Works Training Center. Steve is consistently rated one of the top 5 Adobe Certified Instructors in the world. We are very lucky to have […]

Last month we added Retouch Tuesday to our weekly online training calendar. This was an experiment. Instead of Jason Hoppe’s structured classes, each week we’re letting people sit in on personalized retouching sessions that let people see Jason at work. Recently, a friend pointed me to Dave Cross’s Thursday Fix It Challenge. Each week, Dave […]

Ever been working on a project in your favorite design application and found yourself hunting for a calculator? You might be surprised how many of today’s creative tools will happily do the math for you. In this short 3-minute video clip, Jason Hoppe shows you how to place guides precisely in the fast way, letting […]

Google recently released a new service that lets you perform searches for images that are visually similar to each other: Google Labs: Similar Images Search Start by searching for an image using a traditional search term (for example, search for apple). Once you find a result that is close to what you’re looking for, click […]

Yesterday’s first InDesign class was a lot of fun. And apparently we’re getting more efficient around here because the videos have all been processed and uploaded for download (normally that takes us until Monday). The live webinar classes are open to everyone worldwide (up to our 1,000 limit). We sell the downloads afterwards for a […]

I just received my invitation to the Seattle AIGA 2009 Membership Party. The card is printed on thick cardstock and invites you to trim-out the AIGA letters and assemble your own mini Space Needle. Here is a PDF: AIGA 2009 Membership Invite – PDF I try to schedule my papercraft tips for the long 3-day […]

This 5-minute clip comes from last week’s Flash Basics webinar. Erik Fadiman has been doing this long enough to know that almost all Flash classes start with the bouncing ball. If you’ve read anything about Flash, you’ve seen this before. How do we make the ball bounce? Source: Big news! It looks like we are […]

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