Jack-O-Lantern Here is a screen saver that displays a carved 3D pumpkin, right down to the flickering candle inside. Several carving designs are included, or you can create your own personal carving.

Spooked! (Sound activated) This screensaver uses your Mac’s microphone. The screen remains dark until your victim makes a noise. That triggers a leering skull to jump out with an optional scream, startling unsuspecting co-workers.

3D Desktop Zombies! This one is fun! Watch as the undead come back to life and roam your desktop, fighting, crawling, and leaving messy footprints, blood and gore. All as your screen rotates in 3D.

iPhone-CrazyPumpkin.gifiPhone Crazy Pumpkin This one isn’t technically a screensaver. Turn your iPhone into a digital jack-o-lantern. Swipe your finger to change the carvings for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Give your iPhone a shake to change the color. Perfect for a night out trick-or-treating with your kids. [iTunes Link]