The AIGA|Aquent Survey of Design Salaries 2008 is now available.

This survey is widely recognized as the most comprehensive look into how creative professionals are compensated. The results are drawn from responses from more than 6,200 design professionals across the United States.

Link: Design Salaries 2008

Curious how you stack up with your peers? The website has a location-based salary calculator that lets you compare average salaries using a wide range of variables.

Link: AIGA|Aquent Salary Calculator

Play with this handy tool and you can uncover a wealth of details:

  • What’s the average salary for a Creative Director in Seattle?
  • How do salaries compare between design studios and in-house design departments?
  • How do different cities compare in creative salaries?
  • What is the trend for designer salaries over the last several years?

Enjoy the research.

By the way, you can also download a PDF of the full report as well:

Salary Survey 2008.pdf

Source: This tip comes from the July 2008 issue of Design Tools Monthly. Seattle creative teams with a Creativetechs support plan receive a complimentary subscription to Design Tools Monthly in their monthly care package.