2008CompactCalendar.gifHere we are on New Year’s Eve. In honor of this annual time of introspection and planning, we’ve collected links to a few clever calendar templates to help start your new year off right.

David Seah’s Compact Calendar

“The problem with traditional calendar design,” says designer David Seah, “is that they chunk time in months, not continuous days.” In answer to that problem Seah created a long, thin calendar (at right) that is perfect for project planning. Download as PDF or choose an editable Excel document.

Compact Calendar

Adam Sporka’s Thumb Calendar


Here’s an ingenious 2008 calendar shrunk to the size of a standard business card. Focus on the dates directly below each month’s header.

Thumb Calendar

Juliana Halvorson’s InDesign Template

Finally, a bit more traditional calendar. Here is a clean InDesign template for you to create and customize your own 2008 calendar. The template uses style sheets for dates, holiday, and other details. So swapping out your own font choices is easy.

Juliana Halvorson’s InDesign Template 2008

Juliana Halvorson’s InDesign Template 2009