CT-SepPostcard.pngJoin us at the Creativetechs office Wednesday mornings 9:30am to 11am. Pick up a couple new skills, and get back to work before lunch. You can put what you learn into use the same day.

The cost is $50 per workshop.

November 2007 Mini-Workshops:

CLOSED Nov 7, 9:30-11am — Mastering Layers: InDesign, Illustrator & Acrobat. Layers help you organize project files. At their simplest, you can streamline work by keeping graphic elements or editable text areas on separate layers. Beyond that, in Adobe Creative Suite, you can create layers that function across InDesign, Illustrator, and even Acrobat. The layer tricks in Adobe Acrobat alone are worth spending a fun morning away from work.

CLOSED Nov 14, 9:30-11am — Photoshop: Preparing Images for the Web. This topic comes directly from client requests. What are the best ways to prepare images for the web in Adobe Photoshop? What formats work best? Can you create animated graphics directly in Photoshop? Come spend a fast-paced morning at Creativetechs — your web developer will thank you for it.

Nov 21, No Workshops — Thanksgiving Week. Enjoy the long weekend.

Nov 28, 9:30-11am — Font Management in Mac OS X. Want a fast, stable, healthy Mac? You’d better get a handle on your fonts. Join Creativetechs’ Craig Swanson for an in-depth look at font management for graphic designers. We’ll help you understand what’s going on with all those odd font folders scattered around your Mac — and we’ll help you slim down your system fonts so InDesign doesn’t take forever to scroll to Zapf Dingbats. And as a bonus we’ll reveal what’s changed about font management in Mac OS X Leopard!

FREE! Nov 28, 3:00-4:30pm — Leopard Server: What’s New for Creative Teams. Mac OS X Leopard Server was released in October 2007. Come join Creativetechs’ Enterprise Consultant, Jordan Bojar, as we dig into some of the most important new features and discuss how they effect larger creative teams in the Seattle area. On November 28th, we’ll provide a free overview of Leopard Server — with a practical focus on what’s working in real studios around the Puget Sound. Then join us in coming months where we’ll explore each of these topics in greater depth.

December 2007 Mini-Workshops:

Dec 5, 9:30-11am — Photoshop: Color Correction Techniques. Another installment in Jason Hoppe’s continuing series on non-destructive Photoshop retouching. A full description to come later. This 90-minute session focuses on color correction of images.

Dec 12, 9:30-11am — Photoshop: Digital Anomalies. Another installment in Jason Hoppe’s continuing series on non-destructive Photoshop retouching. A full description to come later. This 90-minute session focuses on dealing with those odd problems that come up working on images: Moires, banding, dust & scratches, resizing images, etc.

Dec 19, 9:30-11am — InDesign for Writers & Non-Designers. A full description to come later. This 90-minute session focuses on what non-designers need to know about InDesign in order to edit and update files. Perfect for copywriters, account managers, and other people who need to work with InDesign templates.

Dec 19, 3:00-4:30pm — Leopard Server: Shared Calendaring with iCal Server. Leopard Server finally includes group calendaring features, and for some creative teams, this alone may be worth the price of admission. We’ll dig into what works, and what’s needed to provide shared scheduling and contacts for your entire studio or department.

Don’t see a workshop for you?

Workshop topics come directly from client requests (the Preparing Images for the Web workshop on November 14th came from client requests). So email us your idea and we’ll work it into an upcoming schedule.

Email your ideas to training@creativetechs.com.

Outside of Seattle? We still want to hear from you. These same workshop topics will eventually be covered in our weekly tips newsletter.

Call us with any questions or problems.

We are all a little new to the logistics of coordinating a weekly event like this. If you have any problems or questions with online ticket ordering, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 206-682-4315 or email help@creativetechs.com and let us help you in person.