Indent_to_here.gifEver find yourself wanting to create a quick hanging indent for a drop cap or bulleted list?

The special “Indent to Here” character in QuarkXPress or InDesign makes it a snap. Type this character in a text block and all remaining lines of the paragraph are indented to that point.

To make things easier, Quark and InDesign use the same shortcut:

Macintosh: Command + \ (backslash)
Windows: Control + \

InDesign Indent to Here Menu Option.

InDesign also lets you access this feature from the menu bar:

InDesign CS2: Type > Insert Special Character > Indent to Here.

InDesign CS3: Type > Insert Special Character > Other > Indent to Here.

Note: The Indent to Here character is indicated by a dagger symbol when the “Show Hidden Characters” feature is turned on (shown above in our example).

Source: This tip inspired by an example from Jasson Hoppe in last Wednesday’s Mini-Workshop on InDesign: Style Sheets. This tip was originally published in QuickTips #80 in February 2006.