We ran this same tip last year — and I haven’t found a fireworks screensaver I like better. So, in honor of America’s summer Independence Day celebrations, here are links to Skyrocket, a free, fun, 4th of July screen saver you can download for your Mac or PC:

Mac Version of Skyrocket

Windows Version of Skyrocket

Want to see the screensaver in action before deciding to download? You can watch a couple 1-minute screen capture videos on the full version of this tip.

Fireworks Screensaver Preview

Fireworks are rendered in 3D with realistic sound, camera flares, and lighting. The camera view can be set to fly around the the fireworks display. Hypnotic.

Go into the options for this screen saver and play with some of the settings. This example has the screen angle changing and flying through the fireworks display:

Finally, here is a more sedate video capture with the camera angle changes turned off.

Source: Your humble tips writer is heading out on a short pre-Independence Day vacation this weekend. Before we load the kids into the family Caravan, I’m spooling up a couple classics tips for today’s holiday newsletter.