This is just fun. Enter your own details and this little app builds an animated opening sequence, including animated logos for your own film company, distributor, and the characteristic crawling yellow text that opens each Star Wars episode.

Warning: The current version of this application generates over 2,000 individual BMP files that need to be stitched together with a tool like QuickTime Pro. Make sure to save all those images into a new folder. Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of saving all those files to your desktop!

Converting 2,000+ BMP files to a Movie.

The Star Wars TSG application will create roughly 2,000 BMP files on your computer. Here are the steps to convert those files into a single animated movie.

1. If you’ve purchased and activated the Pro features, open the QuickTime Player.

The full version of QuickTime Pro ($29) is required to combine a collection of files like this.

2. In QuickTime Player Choose File > Open Image Sequence…

Find the folder containing your images, and open one. You’ll be asked to pick a Frame rate. Different rates affect the playback speed of your animation.

3. Save the movie.

When you are done, save the movie as a self-contained movie. Enjoy.

Source: We discovered this little gem on We used a portion of our own opening sequence on our Time Lapse iMovie video.