A couple years ago I was checking to see if CraigSwanson.com was still available. It was not. In fact to drive that point home, I found this blog entry by another Craig Swanson commenting on being one of thousands of people with the exact same name:

“‘Craig Swanson'” is quite possibly the ‘John Smith’ of the late 20th century.”

Somewhat sobering to be just one in thousands of Craig Swanson’s out there. Too bad I wasn’t the first one to register the domain. If your name is still available, grab it.

For example, David Ingersoll is Creativetechs’s office manager. A quick check shows that DavidIngersoll.com is still available! He should snatch it up today — just in case he ever wants to do something with it.

Source: This tip was published as part of an RSS Feed demonstration during Craig Swanson’s “Blog Your Portfolio” workshop at the School of Visual Concepts. Ironically, during this presentation, we found an excellent primer titled What are online RSS feeds? which we found referenced on the Micro Persuasion blog.

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