We try to do something different with our tips newsletter on holidays. So in honor of Halloween we’d like to share a fun collection of Halloween papercraft templates created by artist Ray O’Bannon at his RavensBlight website:

RavensBlight Paper Toys

Here you’ll find an assortment of PDF templates, all free for you to print out and fold together. The templates include coffin gift boxes (shown above), Halloween masks, a cemetery, a haunted house, a fun old-style robot, a mechanical flying bat, and quite a few other dark delights.

Print these color templates on heavy card stock. You’ll need scissors, an X-acto knife, tape, glue, and a straight-edge. Browse through the collection and find something interesting. Each paper folding project includes its own assembly instructions.

Source: Longtime readers of this tips newsletter will know we like to collect papercraft PDFs. Other papercraft projects in our collection can be found here and here.