How fast is your DSL or Cable Internet connection right now?

There are dozens of websites that provide free Internet speed tests that can help you answer that question. This week’s tech tip provides links to a half-dozen speed test websites you can use for free.

Our favorite is (pictured above) which uses an entertaining Flash-based animation to show the status of your test in action. An interactive map shows the location of your computer on a world map, and lets you test your download and upload speeds to dozens of test servers across the globe.

The rest of this tip lists other free Internet speed test services we’ve used when troubleshooting Internet speed issues.

6 Free Internet Speed Test Sites:

  1. — Fun interactive Flash interface. Dozens of worldwide test servers to choose.
  2. — One of the longest running speedtest sites. We covered this back in QuickTips #32. Pick a server and run a java-based speed test.
  3. — Provides a visual graph showing how your Internet speed compares with averages from other types of Internet service (modem, DSL, Cable, T1, etc).
  4. Speakeasy Speed Test — A simple Flash-based interface. Pick from eight test servers in the United States. Finish up with a sales pitch from Speakeasy.
  5. CNET Bandwidth Meter — Enter your area code and service provider, and receive a quick test of your download speed. Basic.
  6. Bandwidth Speed Test — Basic speed test service.

Note: If your studio has several designers, these test will show how fast your own computer’s Internet access was at the time of the test. Since other users may be using part of your studio’s bandwidth, the results may not reflect the full speed of your company’s Internet connection.

Source: Over the years we’ve used sites like these hundreds of times while troubleshooting or installing Internet connections for Seattle-area creative teams.