Stumped for just that right phrase? Type in a term and watch as an interactive word map blossoms with meanings and branches to related words. Drag words around and play with them visually to engage a different part of your brain. Great for naming and branding projects.

Enough talk. Copywriter want link now: Visual Thesaurus.

Tip: You can try it out for free, but the Visual Thesaurus is a subscription-based service. It costs $19.95 a year for the web version, or $39.95 for the desktop version on CD.

Source: We discovered this beauty on the swissmiss blog which was pointed out to us by the Design Llama blog. (By the way, the actual link that got us interested in swissmiss originally was this coolest sofa we’ve ever seen! Wouldn’t this be fun in the Creativetechs tech room?)