Here is a simple little tip in Apple Mail for people who regularly use several email address aliases in their corespondence. For example consider the case of a web designer who uses three main email addresses… (actual mailbox) (alias) (alias)

Apple Mail makes the process easy…

1. In Mail, Select Mail > Preferences… from the menu bar.

2. Go to the Accounts category.

3. Highlight the desired account.

4. Enter all email addresses you want to use with this account in the Email Address: field. Separate the addresses by commas (in our example, we entered “,,”).

After you have closed the configuration dialog and saved the new settings, there will be an account pop-up menu below the subject line in new emails. This lets you easily pick which outgoing email address you want to use.

Source: This tip inspired by consultant Christopher Cole at Forget Computers in Chicago. Like Creativetechs in Seattle, Forget Computers focuses exclusively on supporting Mac-based ad agencies, graphic design firms, and in-house creative departments.