P A R T N E R   S P O T L I G H T
Backblaze offered by CreativeTechs | CreativeTechs.com

Backblaze Computer Backup automatically backs up data from laptops and desktops for businesses and individuals. With unlimited computer backup, the service will automatically back up all your files including documents, photos, contracts, music, movies, and more. It’s that easy.

Business Backup

  • Back up all your data
  • Easily monitor your business data through a centrally-managed admin
  • Unlimited, secure, off-site backup

Personal Backup

Backblaze isn’t just for business! If you’re interested in backing up your home and family personal devices, hit the button.

Secure Data Storage

  • Private encryption keys
  • All files stored and transmitted encrypted
  • No Java—Backblaze’s code is native to Mac and PC
  • Two-factor verification available for all Backblaze accounts

Restore and Access

  • Download files for free from the web
  • Have data shipped on an external drive for additional speed with large datasets and/or low local bandwidth
  • Access files through the web or mobile app
  • Extend file version history from 30 days to one year or forever

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