Follow Creativetechs on Twitter and every day I’ll share a quick tip from the growing pile of tip resources I’m always collecting. I’ve been keeping this list in a text file on my computer for years. This month, I decided, why not share it? You’ll get to see what types of things I consider interesting. Occasionally you’ll get a sneak preview about a larger weekly tip that I’m researching.

Since I’ve started twittering (tweeting? twitting?) I’ve needed to explain what, exactly, Twitter is all about. This fun video from The CommonCraft Show does a great job describing the basics of Twitter in their classic fast, handcrafted video format.I found a nice description of Twitter from copywriter Leif Kendall’s perspective:

Twitter is loved and hated – to some it’s a beautiful device that brings them closer to their world, and to others it’s an inane time waster and an unwanted surge of information in an already overloaded world.

I’m not using Twitter for personal posts. I won’t be sharing when we are at Childrens Hospital with Wyatt or Pepper, or when I’m about to get my teeth cleaned. But I’ll provide some occasional personal glimpses into the life of a Mac-focused, designer-supporting, geek.

Source: My decision to start Twittering (what is that verb anyway) is inspired, in part, by an upcoming Overview of Social Media I am presenting for the Seattle Graphic Artists Guild on Wednesday, April 29, 2008.

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