For the last year-and-a-half at Creativetechs, we’ve been experimenting with different ways of delivering software training for professional graphic designers and photographers. We started with live 90-minute seminars for our Seattle-area clients; we experimented with several months of online webinars; and most recently we’ve developed a hybrid workshop environment that combines the best of both.

We invite you to browse through an archive of clips from past webinars and video tips. The sound quality in our earlier webinars was pretty rough, and our recording techniques have evolved over time.Early Video Tips (2006):

InDesign Indent to Here.

Photoshop’s Background Eraser Tool.

Five Quick Photoshop Crop Tips.

Prototype Packaging using Photoshop Smart Objects.

Photoshop Custom Color Settings.

Online Webinar Recordings (August 2008)

Google for Designers – Keyword Clouds.

Acrobat Pro – Adding Movies to PDFs.

Email Marketing – Sending HTML Emails.

Acrobat Pro – Merging Spot Colors in Acrobat.

Photoshop – Converting Photos to Black and White.

InDesign – Using Nested Styles.

Seattle Seminar (September 2008)

InDesign CS4 – GREP Styles.

Illustrator CS4 – Multiple Pages.

Flash CS4 – Star Wars Text.

Photoshop CS4 – Content Aware Scale.

Hybrid Online/Seattle Workshops (Current):

Photoshop CS4 – Change Brush Size.

Acrobat 9 Pro – PDF Optimizer.

Building PDF Forms using InDesign Layers.

Adding Interactive Buttons to PDFs using InDesign CS4.

Upcoming Online/Seattle Workshops:

Jan 7 – Saving Time with InDesign Style Sheets.

Jan 14 – Retouching Skin in Photoshop CS4.

Jan 21 – Introduction to Adobe Lightroom 2.

Jan 28 – Font Management for Designers in Mac OS X.

Each week we post more free video clips from recent workshops and webinars. You can also get our videos on your iPhone through iTunes.

Happy New Year! I hope you discover some enjoyable tidbits in this collection. We certainly had a lot of fun putting these together.


Your Help Wanted: At Creativetechs, our core business is providing Mac IT support for Seattle-area creative teams. That’s what pays the rent. The training/webinar side of our business is a labor-of-love, but little more than a professional hobby right now.

We love producing these weekly workshops, and I’d like to serve a wider audience of creative professionals. One of my own New Year resolutions is to explore ways Creativetechs might partner with other training or publishing companies to help take this type of online training to a wider audience.

So I’m putting this out to our readers. Help us with your ideas on how we could grow the online training side of Creativetechs over the coming year. Leave a comment on our blog, or email me privately at craig@creativetechs.com.

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