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Flash CS4 Star Wars Text.

This 7-minute clip shows off the new 3D Transform tools in Flash CS4. Entertainingly presented by a non-Flash expert. See how Flash CS4 is more accessible to non-Flash users than it’s predecessors. This video was recorded at a recent CS4 Preview hosted by CreativeTechs and Luminous Works in Seattle. We’re posting new clips from Steve Laskevitch’s CS4 presentation each week until CS4 ships.

Read Flash CS4 Documentation — 3D Graphics.

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app-icon_photoshop-cs41 Photoshop CS4: Content-Aware ScalingYouTube -or-

app-icon_illustrator-cs41 Illustrator CS4: Multiple ArtboardsYouTube -or-

app-icon_flash-cs41 Flash CS4: Star Wars TextYouTube -or-

app-icon_indesign-cs41 InDesign CS4: GREP StylesYouTube -or-

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