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Flash Animation Basics. The Bouncing Ball.

This 5-minute clip comes from last week’s Flash Basics webinar. Erik Fadiman has been doing this long enough to know that almost all Flash classes start with the bouncing ball. If you’ve read anything about Flash, you’ve seen this before. How do we make the ball bounce?

Source: Big news! It looks like we are on track to offer a FREE 10-Week Flash course starting in June. Still working out some of the details. The best way you can help this happen is spreading the word.

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flashbasics-125pxSource: This video comes from our first Flash webinar. A downloadable recording of the full webinar is available for $15. That include the 75-minute class, a 30-minute audience Q&A, as well as example Flash documents used during this webinar.

Purchase: Flash Basics – May 7th ($15)