Thank you to everyone who has joined us so far during our worldwide training experiment. Jason and I are having a blast with our 10-Week Photoshop Course. I’ve got a couple important conversations coming up in the next two weeks that may allow us to expand our ability to offer courses like this in the future!

I need a long, long, list of positive comments that I can show when attracting new instructors (think Flash!), talking with stock agencies about sponsorship, and trying to grow past our current 1,000-participant limit.

I think we are onto something very special here. But how do I describe this experience to someone who may have preconceived ideas about what online webinars are like? How is our approach different from the myriad of other training options already available for Adobe products?

I’m looking for your help. I need both quantity and quality of comments. Even if you’ve emailed me before, or commented on previous posts, please repeat those thoughts here.

Help us make a strong, bold case for more free courses!

Craig Swanson

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