Every image is different. Once you learn retouching fundamentals, there is still so much more to learn. Thus, we bring you Retouch Tuesday. We’re asking you to send in your real-life photos. We’ll pick a couple retouching challenges, and each Tuesday, we’ll invite a few couple participants from around the world to join Jason for a personalized live retouching session.

GoToWebinar Link: Retouch Tuesday

Send us your photos using Jason’s YouSendIt Dropbox. Include a description of the retouching you need to do on this image. Jason will work one-on-one with a couple lucky participants, while the rest of us get to watch and learn from the examples. This is an experiment, so let us know what you think.

To attend, make sure you are enrolled in our current 10-Week Photoshop Course. We’ll include a webinar link in the weekly email notifications we send to that list.

Enroll: Free 10-Week Photoshop Course

We’re scheduling these sessions 4 hours later in the day than our normal class time. Participants in Australia should be particularly happy about not having to wake up quite so early. Read on for scheduling times

What Time is Retouch Tuesday?

As always, that depends on where you live. We’ll start at 3PM Tuesday afternoons in Seattle. We expect to spend 1-2 hours retouching images with people. Here are the start times for time zones in the United States:

6PM – Eastern (New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Florida)
5PM – Central (Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas)
4PM – Mountain (Denver)
3PM – Pacific (Seattle, Los Angeles)
2PM – Alaska
Noon – Hawaii

For international participants, follow this link to see how 11AM in Seattle translates to around time zones around the world: What time is 11AM in Seattle? Here are some example start times for different cities:

11PM – London, Dublin, Algiers, Lagos
Midnight – Amsterdam, Paris, Oslo, Prague, Zagreb
1AM Wednesday – Athens, Jerusalem, Kyiv
2AM Wednesday – Moscow, Dubai
3AM Wednesday – Tashkent
4AM Wednesday – Islamabad
5AM Wednesday – Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta
6AM Wednesday – Hong Kong, Perth, Taipei
7AM Wednesday – Tokyo, Seoul
8AM Wednesday – Melbourne, Sydney

Ironically, the name “Retouch Tuesday” doesn’t really fit for our international participants, who will be joining us Wednesday morning. Maybe we’ll change name in the future.

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