Last month we added Retouch Tuesday to our weekly online training calendar. This was an experiment. Instead of Jason Hoppe’s structured classes, each week we’re letting people sit in on personalized retouching sessions that let people see Jason at work.

Recently, a friend pointed me to Dave Cross’s Thursday Fix It Challenge. Each week, Dave posts a challenge image for anyone who feels so inclined can download and fix it. Here is the post for Challenge #6:

Dave Cross: Thursday Fix It Challenge #6

This seems like a perfect match. So we decided to throw Dave’s challenge images into the mix for our weekly retouching webinars. Today’s example was a lot of fun. You can watch some of the ways Jason attacked the challenge, and some of the blind alleys he went down in the process.

In the end, the 30 minutes of exploration captured in this video is probably more valuable as a journey than the end result. But we certainly had a lot of fun.

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