In honor of the American Labor Day holiday, we’d like to link to a little rap video our graphic design clients might appreciate. Enjoy the extended weekend!

Original Design Gangsta (Video)

Original Design Gangsta (Lyrics)

What up, Winston?

Press check
Keep those guides locked

Coming to you from the south
with the mutha-kernin’ skills
Take a look inside my mouth
I even letterpressed my grill
Paula Scher on speed dial
Sagmeister’s my man
I got mok on lock
Done time with Paul Rand
Wearing black on black
Designer rims ’round my eyes
Yo my clients call me ‘Snoop’
‘cuz my concepts so high
Don’t use Photoshop filters
Lens flare is for prankstas
Holla back at k-dubs
Number one Design Gangsta

Got the key commands down
and my fingers is my tools
Never use command ‘z’
‘cuz I don’t make mistakes fool
My mechanicals is fresh
I’ll mock ’em up in your face
and you know my work is clean
‘cuz I’m using white space

Print, How and Graphis
I’m the Best in Show
when I enter my piece
I pass on swipe
‘cuz whack stock is fa’ prankstas

Original Design Gansta

My know my rulers are long
and my type is strong
spinning hot concepts
’til the break of dawn.
Just my M-a-c and me
I’m so Design Gangsta

PMS 187 runs deep in my veins
Metallic 8643 in my gold chains
I’m a classic font hustla
Pimpin’ Mrs. Eaves
Trade Gothic, got Futura up my sleeve
K10k in my faves
Playas at Newstoday
always giving me raves.
I’m a Freehand man
not an InDesign pranksta.
Multi-page layout
is for true Design Gangstas.

Yeah Yeah…

And my messenger bag hangs low
And my Cooper’s riding high on 24s
On the weekend I be spending mad dough
at the North Cackalack Apple Sto’
Got the RAM for the ladies
in my G5 tower
When it comes to logos
homies call me ‘Jack Bauer’
‘cuz I kill ’em
with one click of the mouse
No. 1 Design Gangsta in the house

You know my rulers are long
and type is strong
spinning hot concepts
’til the break of dawn
Just my M-a-c and me
I’m so Design Gangsta


Source: Found on the always wonderful Swissmiss blog.

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