A lot of people in my life have been asking questions about online marketing strategies lately. So, starting this week I’m going to start posting a new online marketing post each Friday. I’m not sure exactly where that is going to go, but this is certainly something I’m interested in. I’ve got lots of material ready to pull from.

Today, I’d like to start out with a video from earlier this year in Dubai. This video features an extended conversation on blogging and social media with three influential leaders in the Photography community: David Nightingale (Chromasia), David Hobby (Strobist), and Seattle’s own Chase Jarvis (Chase Jarvis’ Blog).

Making the Web Work for You. Transcribed in 4 parts.

It is long, and hard to hear at times. But there is some fabulous stuff in here. I’ve had the whole video transcribed (14,000 words!) and posted the full version in four separate posts:

Pt 1 – David Nightingale
Pt 2 – David Hobby (aka Strobist)
Pt 3 – Chase Jarvis
Pt 4 – Nightingale, Hobby, Javis, Q&A

As Chase says in the closing remarks of his presentation, “If you’re not using the Web in your photography business, you should start thinking about it as soon as possible.”

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