For our January Suggest-A-Workshop topic, Steve Laskevitch, founder of Seattle’s Luminous Works Training Center, and author of the Photoshop CS4 Photographer’s Handbook, presented a terrific introduction to working in Adobe Lightroom 2.

This 4-minute clip was an answer to a webinar participant, and digs into the advanced sharpening tools that are part of Lightroom 2’s new Develop module.

Download the Full January 21st Workshop:

Source: This video tip comes straight from last week’s webinar Introduction to Lightroom 2. We’re offering a full downloadable video of this 120-minute workshop through the end of the month. We record each workshop as a high-resolution QuickTime movie. You can download a high-resolution movie to watch on your computer, or via AppleTV, or you can download an iPod/iPhone video to watch on the go.

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