Tuesday afternoons our resident Photoshop guru, Jason Hoppe, spends two hours solving real-world retouching challenges in front of a live worldwide audience. This started as an experiment for participants in our 10-Week Photoshop Course. SInce then it has grown into a weekly event with a dedicated and growing audience.

Here is an amazing example from last week. Jason spends half and hour rescuing a 1957 wedding photo that was damaged in Hurricane Katrina. If you’ve never joined us for Retouch Tuesday, this video is a great example of what you are missing.

Retouch TuesdaySource: Join us for Jason’s next weekly retouching challenges:


Many people requested an option to purchase downloads of the Retouch Tuesday archives. Well, finally, here you are:

PayPal: Retouch Tuesday Archives ($45)

Or, if you prefer, the Retouch Tuesday archives are also included as a free bonus in downloads of the full 10-Week Photoshop Course:

PayPal: 10-Week Photoshop Course ($65)

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