In honor of the holiday, we’ve compiled a collection of hidden Easter Eggs for Adobe Creative Suite. This set is for Adobe InDesign CS2.

Photoshop Easter Egg 1: Space Monkey Splash Screen.


Photoshop has a long history of amusing alternative splash screens. In CS2, hold down the Command key on your Mac and bring up the About Photoshop window (Windows: Ctrl+Alt). You’ll be greeted with the slightly famous space monkey.


Photoshop Easter Egg 2: Merlin Lives.

EasterEggs-Photoshop2.pngThis little fellow is Merlin T. Wizard. He is a little homage to Photoshop 2.5, which was code-named “Merlin.” Go to the layer palette and click on the arrow for the layer palette menu. Hold down the Option key (Windows: Alt) and drag down and select “Palette Options” from the menu. There he is.

Source: About: Graphic Design

Photoshop Easter Egg 3: Doggie Memorial.


This one is my favorite, and even a bit touching. It is also the one that didn’t work properly when we first tested it — so some early readers of this post may not have seen this. Follow the these steps:

  1. Select Photoshop’s Type tool.
  2. Click the Toggle Palettes button (EasterEggs-TextPalette.png) to display the Character palette.
  3. Select the Font Family field in the Character palette, and type the full name of a font that you have installed (e.g. “Verdana”) followed immediately by typing one of the names francis, anthony, christopher, or mitzgy — you’ll get beeped at each letter entered beyond your font’s name, but just ignore it.
  4. Now, click the Toggle Palettes button (EasterEggs-TextPalette.png) again, and you should see a hidden memorial for Francis 1991-2004.

Source: Trevor Morris

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