Finally, we’ve got a free, 10-week Flash Course starting in July. This class will be taught by Erik Fadiman. Erik is faculty at Seattle Central Community College Graphic Design and now teaches at our Seattle-area training partner, Luminous Works.

Want to enroll? Sign-up here: Flash CS4 Course Enrollment.

Note: Providing these free training courses requires that we attract a large audience. To offer this class, we need at least 1,000 people signed up to participate, so help us spread the word!

Week 1, July 14 (2009) – Animation Basics
Week 2, July 21 – Drawing Tools
Week 3, July 28 – Timeline Basics
Week 4, Aug 4 – Advanced Animation
Week 5, Aug 11 – Symbols & Library
Week 6, Aug 18 – Movieclip Symbols
Week 7, Aug 25 – Type Effects
Week 8, Sep 1 – TBD
Week 9, Sep 8 – ActionScript Basics
Week 10, Sep 15 – Working with Video

And yes, you can pass this offer along to friends, or even post it on your blog. Help spread the word. As I mentioned, we need a minimum of 1,000 people enrolled to make this free class viable.

Read on for an extended Q&A, and to ask your own questions in the comments. Erik is planning the class weeks. If you have a topic you’d like to see him cover, mention it in the comments below.

Q: What Time Do Classes Start?

A: That depends on where you live. People attend these workshops from all over the world. We start at 11AM Tuesday mornings in Seattle. Here are the start times for time zones in the United States:

2PM – Eastern (New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Florida)
1PM – Central (Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas)
12PM – Mountain (Denver)
11AM – Pacific (Seattle, Los Angeles)
10AM – Alaska
8AM – Hawaii

For international participants, follow this link to see how 11AM in Seattle translates to around time zones around the world: What time is 11AM in Seattle? Here are some example start times for different cities:

7PM – London, Dublin, Algiers, Lagos
8PM – Amsterdam, Paris, Oslo, Prague, Zagreb
9PM – Athens, Jerusalem, Cairo, Kyiv
10PM – Moscow, Dubai
11PM – Tashkent
Midnight – Islamabad
1AM Tuesday – Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta
2AM Tuesday – Hong Kong, Beijing, Perth
3AM Tuesday – Tokyo, Seoul
4AM Tuesday – Melbourne, Sydney
5AM Tuesday – Vladivostok
6AM Tuesday – Auckland

Q: How Long Are Classes?

A: Each class is roughly 60 minutes long, with an additional 30-45 minutes for audience questions. The Q&A is typically pretty valuable, so plan to stick around.

Q: What If I Don’t Have Flash CS4?

A: This class is taught with Flash CS4 on the Macintosh. However much of the learning applies to earlier versions of Flash, as well as PC users.

Q: How Many People Can Attend Each Webinar?

A: Our Webinar tool, GoToWebinar, has a limit of 1,000 attendees per class. Based on the popularity of our other free training, we expect to reach that limit on most classes.

Q: Can I Download Recorded Copies of Classes?

A: We record a high-resolution copy of each class, and we plan to make recorded copies available for a slight fee.

Q: Can I Record Copies of the Class Myself?

A: Sure. Once you’ve logged on as an attendee, you are free to record a class using any number of screen recording tools. While we don’t mind you recoding these classes for your own use, we do ask that you don’t post those recordings on the Internet, or share them with others.

Q: How Can This Be Free?

A: We are trying to make a big splash, and we love working with a large audience. Help us spread the word. If we continue to attract a full audience, we’ll be able to keep offering these types of free courses for InDesign, Illustrator, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and other Adobe products.

Q: Can I Post an Invitation on my Blog?

A: Yes. Please help spread the word. We need as many people as possible enrolled to make this free class format viable for us. You can post a link to the following URL, which we will keep updated as details change:


As a thank-you, we’ll be posting a regular list of the top blogs and websites where people found out about this unique free Photoshop class.

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