I’m delighted to announce that instructor Erik Fadiman will be leading a special 10-Week Dreamweaver Course in our worldwide classroom starting in the fourth week of September (2009).

Enroll via Email: Dreamweaver Course Enrollment.

The free weekly webinars are free. In order to join us, you’ll need to sign-up for a special weekly email notification we’ve created for this course.

We have dates set aside for this class. Erik will post a breakdown of the individual weeks we get closer to the start.

Week 1 – Sep 22 (2009)
Week 2 – Sep 29 (2009)
Week 3 – Oct 6 (2009)
Week 4 – Oct 13 (2009)
Week 5 – Oct 20 (2009)
Week 6 – Oct 27 (2009)
Week 7 – Nov 3 (2009)
Week 8 – Nov 10 (2009)
Week 9 – Nov 17 (2009)
Week 10 – Nov 24 (2009)

And yes, you can pass this offer along to friends, or even post it on your blog. Help spread the word. We need a minimum of 1,000 people enrolled to make this free class viable.

Read on for an extended Q&A, and to ask your own questions in the comments. John is currently developing material for this extended course, so if you have a topic you’d like to see him cover, mention it in the comments below.

Q: What Time Do Classes Start?

A: That depends on where you live. People attend these workshops from all over the world. This class starts at 3PM afternoons in Seattle. That’s a different time from most of our other courses. Here are the start times for time zones in the United States:

6PM – Eastern (New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Florida)
5PM – Central (Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas)
4PM – Mountain (Denver)
3PM – Pacific (Seattle, Los Angeles)
2PM – Alaska
1PM – Hawaii

For international participants, follow this link to see how 3PM in Seattle translates to time zones around the world: What time is 3PM in Seattle? Here are some example start times for different cities:

11PM – London, Dublin, Algiers, Lagos
Midnight – Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Zagreb
1AM – Athens, Jerusalem, Kyiv
2AM Wednesday – Moscow, Dubai
3AM Wednesday – Tashkent
4AM Wednesday – Islamabad
5AM Wednesday – Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta
6AM Wednesday – Hong Kong, Beijing, Perth
7AM Wednesday – Tokyo, Seoul
8AM Wednesday – Melbourne, Sydney
9AM Wednesday – Vladivostok
10AM Wednesday – Auckland

Q: How Long Are Classes?

A: Each class is roughly 90 minutes long, with an additional 30 minutes for audience questions. The Q&A is typically pretty valuable, so plan to stick around.

Q: How Many People Can Attend Each Webinar?

A: Our Webinar tool, GoToWebinar, has a limit of 1,000 attendees per class. Based on the popularity of our other free training, we expect to reach that limit on most classes.

Q: Can I Download Recorded Copies of Classes?

A: We record a high-resolution copy of each class, and we plan to make recorded copies available for a slight fee.

Q: How Can This Be Free?

A: We are trying to make a big splash, and we love working with a large audience. Help us spread the word. If we continue to attract a full audience, we’ll be able to keep offering these types of free courses for InDesign, Illustrator, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and other Adobe products.

Q: Can I Post an Invitation on my Blog?

A: Yes. Please help spread the word. We need as many people as possible enrolled to make this free class format viable for us. You can post a link to the following URL, which we will keep updated as details change:


Thank you. This should be a fun course!

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