This two-minute video clip comes from this week’s Creativetechs’ January 8, 2009 workshop: Font Management for Designers in Mac OS X.

This short video lays out the a description of the best practices for font management in 2009.

Transcript of Font Management 2009 Best Practices.

So, what are the best practices for font management in 2009? I’ve been giving this particular updated version of this talk every year for the last five years. So every year, at the beginning of the year in January, I’ll look at kind of the font management landscape for graphic designers and kind of come up with best practices for… They’re updated for every year. So, in 2009, it looks very similar to what we were doing in 2008, with some slight differences. So, basically, the best practices are thus: three steps.

Step One: we’re going to focus on simplifying your system fonts. We’re going to really try to get your system fonts down to the core basics that your computer needs in order to do its job well and not much more than that.

Step Two: we’re going to use some type of font manager and we’re going to talk about various font managers that are available right now, today. If you’re a professional graphic designer, you need to be using a font manager. We’ll talk about the choices you have for that.

Step Three: we’re going to build a clean creative library. We’re going to talk about the process of basically taking the collection of fonts that has old ones that are fifteen years old and all the fonts you’ve stolen over the years and all the ones you’ve bought over the years and collected and all that and kind of a philosophy of how we can kind of bring that together and try to build something that’s a little more coherent and a little more organized.

A lot of this is covered in the hand-outs. I just want to remind people: we’ll get to a couple of sections where we’ll be talking about specific fonts that you can or cannot remove. Usually, when I’m teaching this live, people are scribbling things down furiously and I will go ahead and reference where those are in your hand-outs so that you don’t have to be writing down all these things because, you know, going home with a list of fonts can be kind of boring.

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