Every Flash project is different. Once you’ve covered the basics of moving around Flash, there is still so much more to learn. So, in the spirit of Retouch Tuesday we bring you our latest experiment in challenge-the-instructor-training: Finish My FLAH.

We’re asking you to send in your real-life Flash documents and concepts. If we find a couple good examples, we’ll invite a few couple participants from around the world to join Erik Fadiman for a personalized live Flash training session.

Send Your Files: Creativetechs YourSendit Dropbox

Include a description of what you are trying to accomplish, and tell us challenges you are running into. Erik will pick interesting challenges and work one-on-one with a couple participants, while the rest of us get to watch and learn from the examples. This is an experiment. We know this concept works for Photoshop retouching. Will it work for Flash production too?

Let's get to work

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