This is a full recording of a one-hour personalized retouching session between trainer Jason Hoppe and photographer Gary Gross of Dog Photography of New York. Gary kindly gave us permission to use this recording as an example of how our private 1-on-1 training works.

Jason is available for private 1-on-1 Photoshop training to anyone around the world. You bring your own photos, and spend an hour with Jason working on your specific challenges. Contact us for details, or to schedule a private session.

New: Retouch Tuesdays

Starting next week, we’re experimenting with adding a live, free, version of this 1-on-1 coaching with our new Retouch Tuesday program. Each week, Jason will pick a couple photos submitted by our readers, and provide a 1-on-1 retouching class with that person, while the the rest of us get to watch and learn at the same time.

More details: Retouch Tuesdays. Send YOUR Photos.

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